[B]aseball is diffracted by the town and ballpark where it is played...Does baseball, like a liquid, take the shape of its container"

Thomas Boswell

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Homecoming in St. Louis

On Thursday, June 20th (my wedding anniversary), I started my 10,000 miles “Midsummer Odyssey” to the Midwest and London. During the 14 day’s journey, I

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Cooperstown Dreams

Mrs. Nomad and I first visited Cooperstown almost 40 years ago, the week before she made the dangerous and somewhat dubious decision to become Mrs.

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Two Days in Mexico

Part of my goal for this summer is to experience as much baseball as possible. As such, I couldn’t pass up the Mexico Series. This

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The Angels of Anaheim

Over six days, I saw five games in four ballparks on a trip through Southern California and Monterrey, Mexico. My first stop was Angels Stadium

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Is Baseball Like A Liquid?

I’ve always been intrigued by Thomas Boswell’s question, “Does baseball, like a liquid, take the shape of its container?” From the ballparks that I have

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From Irrelevant to Relevant

 Becoming Irrelevant – Why does one decide to travel across three countries to experience baseball in every way imaginable except for actually playing the game?

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