The Baseball Nomad

The Baseball Nomad is a somewhat normal, 62 year-old man who is passionate about the sport, Jackie Robinson and the New York Mets.

After ending the second of two twenty year careers, he decided to follow his dreams and travel through the baseball world.

So he hit the road, with a detailed plan in place to visit forty-two baseball sites, during the 2019 baseball season.  The journey took him to all thirty major league ballparks, the Mexico and London Series, the College and Little League World Series, the All-Star Game and the Home Run Derby.  He visited the Negro League Museum, the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum, and of course Cooperstown.  There was also a sentimental pilgrimage to the Field of Dreams movie site with his daughter, Nomad the Younger.

Along the way, he raised miney to donate to vaseball programs that support boys and girls in underserved areas.

This is the story of that wonderful year.