Field of Dreams
Is this heaven?

Pictures of the Day

Here are pictures of the fun adventure to Dyersville, where Nomad the Younger and I visited the site of our favorite baseball movie.

I’ll add the story of the day soon.

There is no admission fee to walk the grounds. You’re free to use the field and play catch etc.
“Try and hit my curve….Yeah you can hit the curveball”
Unfortunately, the corn isn’t tall until the fall.
Art for art’s sake…

Inside the House

It’s a $20 fee to tour the house, I recommend you do so. Just make sure you don’t miss the start – more on that later.

Is Fenway the one with the big green wall?… I’ll help you pack!”
“Daddy, there’s a man out there on your lawn.”
“Hey, what if the Voice calls when you’re gone?” “Take a message.”
The tour guides dress like the 1919 White Sox.

More text to follow.

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