London Series

Surprisingly, I let good sense take precedence over my ambition and I decided to play it safe. I was in Omaha on Wednesday morning, roughly eight hours from St. Louis where I was scheduled to leave for London on Thursday afternoon. Rather than try to make the whole drive on Thursday, I didn’t stay for game three of the College World Series. I started my trip to the London Series on Wednesday morning by driving back to Kansas City.

The drive took me by the results of the rainstorms we experienced earlier. I drove past swollen lakes and rivers and flooded farm fields that looked like lakes.

On Thursday, I dropped off the hats I acquired during the first part of the trip and drove another 3 hours or so to St. Louis where I boarded a flight to London via Atlanta.

These are pictures from my three days in London – I’ll add more text soon.

Truman Brewery

Friday afternoon I headed to the London Yards where there was a London Series gathering place. Games, food, music, and merchandise. I was in search of hats and a few gifts for friends. My goal was to find the hat I saw online (no size 7 1/2 available) – Boston or New York with the Union Jack design in the emblem.

My online hat.

Brick streets, centuries-old buildings, and many packed pubs surrounded the Truman Brewery on Friday night. Unlike in the states, there were overflowing crowds outside the pubs, beers in hand.

The hat selection was weak. I did get one with “London Series” on the front but didn’t find the ones I was looking for. Moreover, I was wearing a Boston hat, with Big Ben on the front, that I bought online (this one adjustable). People were asking me where I got my hat.

After the rather disappointing search for hats, I stopped for Fish and Chips.

Kensington Gardens

Since Saturday’s game started later in the day, I decided to spend the morning in and around Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

Swans at the Serpentine

The London Series

I’ll post text about this extraordinary experience soon.

From my seats on Saturday.
Sunday I was right of center.

I’ll add more text soon. Thanks!

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